01 June 2013

the update

The update you’ve all be waiting for is now here for your reading enjoyment.

It’s been five months since I’ve last filled you in on my life.

DEC: Had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
JAN: I finished my job with Xcel and finally got some time off.
FEB: Ending thing with the guy I was dating.
MAR: I saw P!nk live in concert. It was a truly an amazing experience to say the least.
APR: It rained a lot.
MAY: I turned 32 years old.

That’s what you missed in the Life of DREW.


KK said...

Come on now, you know there was more than that. You lead an amazing exciting life.

My two-cents on nothing important. said...

and it snowed a lot....
and you smiled a lot...
and you loved life a lot...
a busy couple of months!