07 January 2013

jet setter

Before Sun Country is no longer my official airlines I’d like to share a most recent adventure.

One night I was sitting around work and I got to thinking. I bet New York City is beautiful this time of year. With all the window displays, festive storefronts, the rink Rockefeller Center… then it hit me. I SHOULD FLY TO NEW YORK FOR THE DAY. I phoned my friend Leni and a few days later we boarded a sun country flight at 7:00 a.m. headed to JFK. When we landed and before we hit the streets I realized I had misplaced my phone. [that’s another story… fast forward]

With my phone in my hand we took a train to the city walked a few blocks and then found our happy selves at Rockefeller Center. We had 15 minutes to lace up our skates before they opened. It was like a scene out of a movie. I think we only spent a fraction of the time actually skating and the other taking pictures of each other on skates. I looked amazing out on the ice! It was such a fun experience and once pictures had been taken, and facebook had been updated we were on our way.

We did another photo shoot in Times Square before retreating to Starbucks for a bit of relaxation. [after all we were on vacation] Leni worked on her 2012 year in review and I signed Christmas cards. Now you must be thinking who jumps on a plain to fly to NYC just to sit in a coffee shop and write out Christmas cards. Well that’s easy… The rich and DREW & Leni!

After that we headed to 5th Avenue and then over to the Empire State Building and back once more to see Times Square at night. I’ve been there many times, and always find “the glow” simple beautiful!

Then it was back on the train and to the airport where I listened to a bit more of Tina Fey’s audio book. Who knew I also love iBooks?
Then I picked up a snow globe for the boyfriend [I should have bought two] and boarded the aircraft. What a day in New York City!

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