30 June 2014

blogging about to happen...again

It seems when my life is going really good or really bad I forget to blog. Well life is somewhat normal again and I feel like writing.

Let the fun begin! Check back here for weekly updates.

17 March 2014

catch this show

PETER AND THE STARCATCHER,  the most magical evening of madcap fun is now on tour and I just saw it in Minneapolis, MN last Thursday! Hailed by The New York Times as 'The most exhilarating storytelling on Broadway in decades.' this musical play takes a hilarious romp through the Neverland you need knew. The winner of 5 Tony awards, this swashbuckling prequel to Peter Pan will have you hooked from the moment you let your imagination take flight.

*image from SavvyCities.com

10 March 2014

winter run

Today the high in Minnesota was 49 degrees Fahrenheit. I had to take advantage of the nice weather so I phoned my friend Monica and we went for a run. It was great! There may be more snow in the forecast, but I don't mind today was an awesome day to be outside and alive.

In the comments below let me know what you like to do when it's NOT cold outside.

03 March 2014

there is a place for fun in your life

Nickelodeon Universe located in the center of Mall of America is a seven-acre indoor amusement park located in Bloomington, MN. After spending as much money as I did last Christmas I was awarded ride passes for every $250.00 I spent at the Mall of America. 

My Oprah moment came when I gave two passes away to a family about to buy their own. I also took Kyle twice, my niece, nephew, and sister once, and went three times myself.

If you're looking for a place to escape to avoid cabin fever, look no further. I had a blast every time I went and I think you'd love it!

24 February 2014

a cake fit for a four year old

On 23FEBRUARY we celebrated Gabe's birthday. I've never known a four year old quiet as sweet and respectful as Gabe. He is all about spaceships, robots, telescope, trains and trucks! Oh and Spiderman if you couldn't tell.... 

14 February 2014

this is what love looks like

When I think about Valentine's Day it means something different to me this year.

I'm all about celebrating major and minor holidays, but this year I have a much better grasp on the true meaning on love.

When I think about dating Kyle Wewetzer, I don't think of it as I found someone I can live with but rather I've found someone I don't want to live without!

Regardless of your relationship status I hope this Valentine's Day finds you loving life and yourself!

10 February 2014

ice follies with friends

Monica, Peter, Mel, Kyle, Myself
Myself, Jason, Mel, Kyle

On 8 FEBRUARY 2014 I went skating at the lovely Depot Ice Rink in beautiful downtown Minneapolis with friends.

We arrived at 1:00 p.m. and grabbed a bite to eat with Monica & Peter Kraabel before making it to the ice. I enjoy skating and Kyle stayed up... never falling once despite not being in skates or on ice for years.

This is the second year I've skated at the Depot and I'd call it a tradition.

09 February 2014

forgot to blog

Dear Fellow Readers,

It seems that February is almost over and I've been to twitterpated to blog about much.
I have great news and fun adventures to share with you. Stay tuned for a post a day until I catch up.

I love you all and encourage you all to check back soon [daily].


03 February 2014

new furry friends

I'd like to introduce you to ATHENA [gold & white] & HEPHAESTUS [black]. Two of the cutest little Guinea Pigs I've ever owned as of 30JANUARY2014.

I've never raised two little pig together before, but they complement each other very well. Athena who was a lot less active at the pet store has a much more social personality and Hephaestus is much calmer with a cage mate. 

Get ready to start seeing these cute little cavy all over my Facebook, Twitter, and blog!

27 January 2014

r.i.p. Cupid


With great sadness I'm sorry to inform you that Cupid the Guinea Pig is no longer. He was found dead on Monday 20JAN2014. What a great little pet and although I almost killed his this last summer I'm thrilled with the extra time we had together. He will be missed!

20 January 2014

mayhem at the museum

It's been a while since I've been to the Science Museum of Minnesota. When I heard that there was a Mayan exhibit my first thought was “My People”! My second thought being I’ve been to Mexico and studied Mayan culture. The excitement and anticipation started to build….

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed explores the fascinating social, natural and spiritual realms of the ancient Maya through the eyes of powerful kings and queens and the lesser-known people who were the backbone of Maya society. It features immersive environments, authentic artifacts, and hands-on activities that
tell the story of the ancient Maya and their modern descendants.

The ancient Maya are one of the most complex and advanced civilizations of the ancient world, well known for their monumental architecture and distinctive art styles, their intricate knowledge of astronomy and time-reckoning, their complex political organization headed by royal dynasties, and their writing systems, some of the most sophisticated in the ancient world. 

The exhibit has since closed, but it was very well done. A highly interactive and educational delight if you ask me, with hands on activities that would keep the interest of young children and those young at heart.

13 January 2014

one month and going strong

first picture taken together
most recent picture taken together

Today is my one month anniversary dating Kyle Wewetizer!

WHAT A DEAL! I'm a very lucky guy.
I met him on Grindr. There are actually good guys on there! You just have to sift through the "sups?'s and the "hey"s. We chatted online for three months trying to meet up. [I'm a busy guy... what can I say]

We met the Sunday after his birthday and from the moment I met him I knew I wanted to get to know him better. I took him out for breakfast... after all it was his birthday weekend. I told him he didn't have to call me the next day because I was not one of those kind of guys. I thanked him for chilling with me and let two days go by before asking to see him again. I have not known him long, but we have had a lot of fun together.

I don't remember the last time I was this excited about a relationship. I look forward to the next month and year! I'd also like to publicly thank Kyle for taking a chance on me. I did everything my instincts told me not to do and ended up with an awesome guy.


06 January 2014

christmas recap

This year was no exception... I had a phenomenal Christmas with loved ones!

On Christmas Eve, Kyle joined my family for dinner and cookie icing. Once the children were snug in their beds dreaming of sugar plums dancing, my sister, Kyle, and I assembled a few toys.

In the morning we found what Santa had brought and opened gifts. Then it was straight to the kitchen!

This year I took it upon myself to make dressing from scratch. [it's called stuffing if it goes in the bird to be cooked]. Kyle was willing to help and I must say it was a vast improvement from the store bought stuffing of years past. I was inspired by my best friend, Monica to make a less traditional dish using sweet potatoes. I think we have a new family favorite, I like to call "Monica's Sweet Potato Wonder"!

On Boxing Day [26DECEMBER] after Kyle left for work I headed out early to find the sales and boy did I! I think I'm set for decorations and decor for 2014. 

This New Year's Eve I was lucky enough to spend it with my boyfriend! [more on this story next week]

30 December 2013

what a year it's been

Inspiration strikes at the funniest of times. I’m sitting here with a bowl of empty pistachio shells watching youtube clips and reading blogs when the light bulb over my head turns on….

As I daydream of what 2014 has in store for me, I have to take a moment and reflect on just how great 2013 was to me.

As things are looking up for my own family in Red Wing with the return of my sister in my niece and nephew’s lives, I find myself in a new and exciting relationship.

Kyle is not only my new best friend, who looks attractive but is also a blast to be with. We’ve had many adventures together like the morning we first met, exploring the Sheldon Theater, and shopping together at the Mall of America.

I’m grateful I’ve had such a great year financially working either jobs I love or at the very least with people I enjoy working with [Excel Energy]. I’m grateful for my loyal friends London and Cupid who are some of the coolest pets on the planet. I’m also grateful for my friends who I’ve been able to count on this year; those individuals who have listened to me and supported me with their advice, their time and talents.

I can’t think of a time in my life that I have ever been happier or healthier!
Here is to wishing you all the best in 2014.

xoxx, DREW

23 December 2013

celebrating christmas with class

Celebrating the Season with Class
Drew Pelehos & Friends 2013

Two thousand thirteen went a little different than expected, but what a great year it has been for my family, friends and me.
Think back to the time when you were in school and how excited you were for Christmas break. It’s that excitement as a child I love seeing in my niece and nephew as we prepare for Christmas.
Just like we learned valuable lessons in school. I’ve learned things this year myself.
-New years Eve is not as much fun as when you’re single.

-February 14th is just as good as any to break up a bad romance.
-Don’t keep valuables in your car, because someone might break your rear passenger window in the middle of March, to take a backpack containing your travel journals you’ve been keeping since 1999. [a hard lesson to learn]
-Be kind to your body. Mom got a new shoulder in April 2013, because she wore out the original one. Now she is practically invincible!
-In May I turned 32 and realize there is still so much to learn.
-Katarina who is in grade one started losing teeth in June. Gabe started Pre-school this year and can count. The tooth fairy seems to have her work cut out for her with counting in the dark.
-There are few problems that can’t be solved with a nap, and when you nap next to a lake in mid July because you’re staying at a cabin…  even better.
-In August I learned it is not acceptable to still be hungry when you leave the Minnesota State Fair.
-Around September I realized that my own art has reached a wider audience. It’s now only a matter of time before I’m uber famous!
-Live your dreams whatever they are and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t! I also learned one should dress up for Halloween yearly no matter what!

-November is a time to be thankful. I was reminded it’s important to let those you love and appreciate know it.
-Picking the perfect Christmas tree is more about time together as a family and not so much about the tree at all.
May you celebrate this holiday season with class!

02 December 2013

turkey day 5k

Thanksgiving morning I woke up, put on a couple layers of under armer, and drove over to my friend Melissa Juedes in Minneapolis, MN. After consuming a tiny breakfast consisting of only cheese sticks, we dashed out the door to the Target center where our race started at 8:00 a.m. We ran the whole time and laughed along the way through downtown Minneapolis streets.

Running the Turkey Day 5k might just become a tradition! 

22 November 2013

the mom project

Earlier this month my family had the opportunity to be photographed by Pam Dusbabek, a documentary photographer who started Heart of Life Photography. She is currently working on a project called The Mom Project

It was just a normal Saturday in the life of the Pelehos house being who we are… creative, fun, and happy people. Special thanks for Pam for capturing my family.

11 November 2013

defy gravity

Defy Gravity - graphic design print

Last Saturday the Winger Whirl variety show and silent auction took place at the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing Minnesota. This piece went for $160.00 with all proceeds going to the Red Wing Public School Foundation. It was an honer to represent Red Wing High.

As an artist I’m motivated by good design and the need for it in the world. As a graphic designer I’m all about meeting the needs of my clients; however, sometimes an idea like helping a rhino achieve their goal of flying strikes me. My sketchbook is full of these kinds of wild ideas. They become personal projects I am so compelled to run with out of fear of bursting if I don’t!

Defy Gravity is a reminder that we can do anything! There are no limits to our own possibilities and when we work together we can move rhinos.

Combining my love of photography and collage with whimsical takes on life, while using bright colors is what I feel I do best.

Live, Love, Defy Gravity